Who Sang Spire? Thunderstone

Thunderstone The Burning cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2004-1-12
Genre: Rock
Style: Heavy Metal
length: 4:38
Lying on the floor, I feel nothing
Trying to remember
Everything´s a haze, yesterday is gone
Feels like I´ve been hypnotized

Will this be the last time?
I wonder will I ever learn?
Still searching for the rhyme
Maybe now it´s time for me to turn

I rise, I fall
I always stand before I crawl
I smile, I rule
But who am I really trying to fool?

I´m on the spire
Reaching up to the sky high above
I´m on the spire
And it´s on fire, I´m going down below

Another day, another year
And the wheel keeps on spinning
Another joy, another fear
I believe some day I´ll be winning

Every time I swear this will be the last time
Every time I crash to the ground
Every time I´m standing on the spire
I fall but come around

CD 1
  • 1 Until We Touch the Burning Sun
  • 2 Break the Emotion
  • 3 Mirror Never Lies
  • 4 Tin Star Man
  • 5 Spire
  • 6 Sea of Sorrow
  • 7 Side by Side
  • 8 Drawn to the Flame
  • 9 Forth Into the Black
  • 10 Evil Within