Christianicide Onslaught Lyrics - Thy Rites

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Release Date: 2008-11-5
length: 5:30
Celestial Parasites, Servants of Blindness...
Worms of b****** Crawl From Grace
Tormented With Thorns Onward to The Calvary of Death.
Pentecostal Scum Execrated to d***ation
Celebrated Be Their Consumed Cremation.
Beheading of Souls, Suffering Rites,
The Flames of Hell Burn High
& The Agony Echoes to The Sky.
Praises for Nothing 'cause Their God is Dead
Praises for Nothing 'cause Their God Doesn't Exist.
Excruciated Devoted, f***** Like The Holy Disghost
Nobody Won't Save Their Twisted Souls...
Ecce h***- The Scourged Savior Was Crowned in Pain
Via crucis- The Promises of Eternal Salvation Were in Vain.

We Burn The Filthy Gospel of Lies
We Hammer 666 Nails on The Carcass of Christ.

Let's f*** The Pig Judeo- Christ- It's Time to Christianicide
Let's f*** The Pig Judeo- Christ- Total f*****' Christianicide
Lambs of Light, Be Prepared to Die
To The Victory of Satan, Be Crucified.
Churches in Flames Turn Christ Into Dust
Unhallowed Be The Nails of s*****ic Deathlust.

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  • 5 Thy Infernal Coronation
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