Ctrl Alt Del Lyrics - Tiefighter

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length: 0:58
You said you got us all figured out
But, you should just stop trying
You fall short, why do you bother to talk at all?
It"s so god d***ed laughable
Open your eyes
Aspirations, but behind that crooked smile you had bad intentions
I tried and you failed to keep things congenial
This is the last time I"ll look at you the same
We"re through
You called yourself a friend, but we heard all that s*** you said

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CD 1
  • 1 Ctrl Alt Del
  • 2 You’re the New Metalcore
  • 3 Face of a Liar
  • 4 Chewed Up and Spit Out
  • 5 Everything
  • 6 Redignation
  • 7 So It’s Come to This
  • 8 Nostalgia
  • 9 Fourteen Three
  • 10 Falls Away
  • 11 This Means War
  • 12 Theives
  • 13 Bad End to a Worse Story