Watch Me Drown Lyrics - Tiff Jimber

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Release information
Release Date: 2004
length: 4:04
I've been whipped around and beaten' down
The bills at my back are gain'n fast
And I don't even know where I belong anymore
I see lights on in homes
But none can I call my own
Hey, hey,

Sit right back and just
Watch me drown
I know it's hard to keep your head above the waves
When your world is crashing down
I know I'll be on firm ground soon
But for now .....just
Watch me drown
My feet are fury with the rats that use me as their
Second home
I've been down so long I forgot which way is up
I pray for a sign but all I find is bad luck
Can't anybody hear what I say?
Can't make it through one more day

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