Who Sang Just Be Glad That No One Saw You? Tigers on Trains

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Release Date: 2009-8-28
All the bones in my back start to rally up against me
and my veins tighten up and constrict like snakes
In the choir you stand, start to read from the Qur'an
I can't do my part, I am not a man
So I kneel down in the fireplace
so the ashes can clean my face
But I don't know what suffering is
but I'd find that out if it would clear your sins

If you froze to death I would lay you on the table
and I would fix you up with metal parts
And I would sew you shut with the strings from your mother's harp
and I would run you down just to test your heart
So I lie down for a month at a time
Let the moss grow on my northern side
And I shake it off every time you're near
But there's just no point, you can't see me clear no more

So I'll change my shape into that of Dionysus
and I will tie you up with screeching vines
And I will take you down to the coastline where I'll feed you
to the great white whale that haunts your mind
And he will spit you out and you'll be a different person
with your serpent soul all rearranged
So what's done is done, just be glad that no one saw you
when you disappeared into desert air

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  • 2 Sea Weed
  • 3 Ship Shape
  • 4 Muhammad
  • 5 False Teeth
  • 6 Silk Road
  • 7 Reverend William Buckland
  • 8 Painted Face
  • 9 Just Be Glad That No One Saw You
  • 10 A Year in the Garden Shed

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    label: Simple Stereo
    country(area): United States
    format: CD