Who Sang The Grammarian? Tigers on Trains

Tigers on Trains Grandfather cover art
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Release Date: 2009-8-28
Open all your doors and windows,
Let the light bleed in your house,
I have been seeing your cold face,
Ever since my blood went south,
Take a long ride to Chicago,
Steal some winter, stir my bones,
Throw my soul into the great lake,
Make a lighter trip back home.

You had sharpened all your teeth,
Painted your fingers black and blue,
When Ishtar's yellow smile broke my knees,
I blamed it all on you.

I've been tearing down the paintings,
That portrayed you in a field,
All of my wounds have reopened,
If any of them had healed.

But I was wrong,
And I was wrong, I know.
Thank God, I can rest again.
I think I have been receding,
Into everything we know,
You insist that love is here,
If it was ever anywhere,
Felt the devil in my pillow,
Somehow thought that it was you,
He convinced me of your sorrow,
I really thought that was true.

But I was wrong.
Yeah I was wrong, I guess.
Thank God, I can see again.
Cross the great Peconic Canyon,
With a fire by my side,
Just the thoughts, some shadow of you,
You had vanished with the time,
I hid my face and kept on walking,
Til my legs went numb and black,
Hearing all you said more loudly,
Well it turned out you were right.

I was wrong,
I was wrong, I know.
Thank God.
Yea I can rest again.

CD 1
  • 1 The Grammarian
  • 2 Sea Weed
  • 3 Ship Shape
  • 4 Muhammad
  • 5 False Teeth
  • 6 Silk Road
  • 7 Reverend William Buckland
  • 8 Painted Face
  • 9 Just Be Glad That No One Saw You
  • 10 A Year in the Garden Shed

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    label: Simple Stereo
    country(area): United States
    format: CD