Polpot Lyrics - Tika and The Dissidents

Release information
Release Date: 2009-6
length: 3:26
It's the nation's celebration of amnesia
Who's the real bad guy after all
When the nation tunes into their television
Weeping and waving goodbye
Underneath the silky road that his daughter paved us
Lies a million nameless graves
But the magic box's a potent anasthesia
Forgiven forgotten we love you
Pol Pot sighs, Pol pot says, you'll be loved and cherished after all
Polpot nods, polpot says, the villain is the hero at the click of your finger
Now the men in white is waving their holy flag
Thickening the air with fear
Lady drama queen is getting hair and make up
Jerk you iff with her tears
And redemption is for sale on channel 9, heaven on channel 2
Lurred into hypereality, my brothers my sisters myself
Polpot laughs, polpot sighs, you gullible oblivious fools
Polpot nods, pol pot says, the villain is the hero at the click of the finger
All the blindfolded soldiers, fighting in the dark
Decapitated souls dancing to his tune
Polpot scores, polpot f****
The only way to go is to smile through it all.

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