Heartfelt Lyrics - Tilian

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Release information
Release Date: 2015-11-27
length: 3:38
Verse 1:
This isn't what we planned
But your hands are motioning
And we can't stop this, no
The feeling I can't stand
I should know better than...
But we can't stop this, no
I feel my barriers are crumbling down
So I'll close my eyes 'til this is over now

She said, "Don't stop 'til the feeling's gone."
Heartfelt with her bra and her panties on
She said, "I won't keep you...I won't keep you long."
"Hold on, I got a good life on the way. Picket fence, three kids, won't throw it away."
She said, "I won't keep you...I won't keep you long. "
Verse 2:
My fantasy is so far from whatever you think you can be
But you've got your clasp wrapped tight around me
And it's making it hard to breathe


You've got me under your spell
Bottled up 'til it unleashes, then tear me to pieces
You hate it too, I can tell
Apologetic, but [it's play?]
Where do we go from here?
Temptress, [in? your?] sorrow, we'll wake up tomorrow
And forget each other's names
Bury the memory away



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