Who Sang Such a Blur? Till We Drop

Release information
Release Date: 2011-10-28
length: 3:19
Last night is such a blur it started off just fine
Kickin" back the drinks, till 2am then
We started spinning in circles (back back to the way it was)
Then it dawned on me. I'm falling faster and faster, (back back to the way it was)
This isn"t who I am
Let"s leave this place it"s time to go, we"ll pack our things and hit the road
This is the time we"ve been waiting for
And if you have my back, I"ll have yours too
But if you don"t have faith in me you"ll have to, find another way
Knocked down!
When it falls apart you get right up, be brave stay strong
I wouldn"t change a thing but this has gone on way too long
And I"m falling faster and faster
This isn"t who I am

Back Home
It"s nice to meet you all (nice to meet you)
Hi my name is...
Don"t you know, don"t you know?
We"re never going home

CD 1
  • 1 Tranzit
  • 2 Be Kind, Please Rewind!
  • 3 B.R.O. (This One's For Our Friend)
  • 4 Forgive & Forget
  • 5 Twenty Two
  • 6 A Sticky Situation
  • 7 Introducing J. Pussy
  • 8 Such a Blur
  • 9 Young and Blind
  • 10 It's Been Awhile