Who Sang Young and Blind? Till We Drop

Release information
Release Date: 2011-10-28
length: 3:20
I see the stars up in the sky
I hope this moment never dies
It"s almost midnight here we lay
And watch the sky
I see the stars begin to change
They rearrange as we age
We"ll keep on going till the end
The world is ours
I see the stars up in the sky
They rearrange as we age
We"ll keep on going till the end
We"ll never f****** die
Scream it loud through the rooftops

Young and blind, so naïve
We had our heads stuck in the clouds
But found a way to make it back to the ground
All the years that were spent, some were cherished some were blank
But it"s time to move on, so take this as goodbye
Looking back to that time when we watched the triangle in the sky
Those days are over now unless we try
We try to work it out, here we go again
Absence, on your part, you and me we"ll never be anything
I watch the stars up in the sky they make me think of you and I
How everything was perfect, well everything was worth it
How did it come to this?
Just last month we were planning our lives
Well I"ll live my life alone, this is goodbye

I might have let you down
That"s just the way it is
Still I know who you are
It"s time to let it go cause things will never be the same
So hopelessly waiting for a sign, for a change

CD 1
  • 1 Tranzit
  • 2 Be Kind, Please Rewind!
  • 3 B.R.O. (This One's For Our Friend)
  • 4 Forgive & Forget
  • 5 Twenty Two
  • 6 A Sticky Situation
  • 7 Introducing J. Pussy
  • 8 Such a Blur
  • 9 Young and Blind
  • 10 It's Been Awhile