Lost Girls Lyrics - Tilly and the Wall

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Release information
Release Date: 2006-5-23
Genre: Rock
Style: Folk Rock/Alternative Rock/Indie Rock
length: 4:12
Girl, I know the hall looks dark
And the storm seems kind of scary
Your face lit up on beads of lightening
And you start, you start running
And your eyes were light screaming
And since there is no end, and no beginning
You will run
You will run
You will run

Girl, I know the woods look dark
And the trees, they look so deadly
The girls around you are so frightened
And you start, you start to panic
Hear the breathing of a dragon
And the world, it really is on fire
And it burns
And it burns
And it burns

Vivan, your life is told over 1900 pages
Of a world too unreal to be cold,
Your innocence has faded all your blues to gray, your skin has bruised through moving days, blue is peeling back away
Curling, cracking, painting

Girl, you've been rolled up in colorful carpets
Your blonde hair's rushing all around you
And you froze, you're frozen quiet
And your eyes are widened
Room unfurnished, like the nightfall

and you know you can't get up
And you do, you swear you will run
You will run
You will run
You will run

No one will ever save you
If no one will ever find you
Lost girls
Lost girls
Lost girls
Lost girls
Lost girls

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