Timothy Where Have You Been Lyrics - Timbaland feat. Jet

Jet Shock Value II cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2009-12-4
Genre: Electronic Hip Hop Pop
Style: RnB/Swing/Pop Rap/Hip Hop
length: 4:50
guest performer: Jet
writer: Jim Beanz, Timothy Clayton, J-Roc, Timbaland, Chris Cester
Timothy, I took your place (I took your place)
Timothy, cause such a waste (cause such a waste)
Timothy, we found your spaceship
Timothy, it's the farthest you've ever flown-own-own

Hey! Put your lighters up
Put your lighters up y'all, y'all, y'all, y'all, y'all
Y'all put your lighters up
This the Timothy song if you don't know about me

Yeah they call me Tim, V-A's phenomenon
I kill 'em all winter, until the summer come
From just another name, all the way to number one
And I'm simply the best when it's all said and done
Remember when me and Magoo was tryin to make a mill'?
Well we did and years later we got it still
Gave you my bio, "Under Construction 1 and 2"
Hundred percent, Ginuwine, that was from me to you
I'm makin moves while they ridicule
I'm like a warm summer breeze in the swimmin pool - I'm cool
I never kept it basic, I been so many places
Been gettin money since them honies had them small faces
So many little me's, I can hear small traces
But I just ignore it, cause I'm too big for it
And I can hear 'em screamin {*echoes*}

Timothy, where have you been?
It's not what it seems but it is
Timothy, where have you been?
She cried in the kitchen to let you go
Timothy, where have you been?

I been in Athens, Georgia by way of Bubba Sparxxx
When the +Nights+ were +Bright+ and all the +Days+ was +Dark+
But now they all bright, everything is all right
If you assume my life is wonderful then y'all right
I got a bad wife, three beautiful kids
I make the world dance, yeah look what I done did
Hits for Jay-Z, Nelly Furtado
Catch up, y'all slow, escargot
Nelly did fourteen mill', where's Fargo?
I brought a airplane, **** I need a car fo'?
Ask Justin Timberlake is Timbaland great?
Y'all gotta deal with me, no handshake
Stand up *****, rather have a stand off
With the law before I let 'em say I ran off
And I can hear 'em screamin'


Ay, some say I went away but really I never left
They wonder where I been, but they can never guess
I been around the world here to the other side
And I successfully achieved what all those others tried
Carry my city on my back like a crucifix
For more than a decade cause I can do this ****
A lot of people want my spot but I don't hesitate
The track label my legacy won't appreciate
I stand strong, everything I put my hands on
Me and Mr. I be, cause ain't no I in team
Cause I can hear 'em sayin'


Timothy, where have you been?
She cried in the kitchen to let you go
Where have you been?

Timothy, where have you been?

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