Release Lyrics - Timbaland feat. Justin Timberlake

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Release information
Release Date: 2007-4-2
Genre: Electronic Hip Hop Rock
Style: RnB/Swing/Thug Rap/Gangsta/Afrobeat/DJ Battle Tool
length: 3:25
producer: Timbaland and Jim Beanz
membranophone: Timbaland
mixer: Demacio Castellón
recording engineer: Demacio Castellón
bass: Dan Warner
background vocals: Jim Beanz and Keri Hilson
guitar: Kevin Rudolf and Dan Warner
guest: Justin Timberlake
keyboard: Timbaland
programming: Demacio Castellón
additional recording engineer: Marcella Araica
editor: Ron Taylor
assistant engineer: Matty Green
writer: Justin Timberlake, Craig Longmiles, Timbaland
I need you, girl (hey)
I really need you
I need you, girl
(Let me tell you something)
I think am getting in charge (yeah)
So feel the party codes (yeah)
With all my G's in the back (yeah)
Who needs a bodyguard? (yeah)
I think I need to...

I am out of control
I'm out of body
I am out of control
Who's here to party?
I am out of control
I'm out of body
I am out of control

I'm out of...

(Oh, yeah)
I push the party stars (yeah)
They just can't even see me (yeah)
We flame the party hard (yeah)
I think I need to...


Who holds the party strikes?
He keeps the party movin'
The club is over packed
Look, this can't wait till dawn

We've got a video (yeah)
I think we are late for our shoot (yeah)
We had our video (yeah)
Hey, these girls ain't cute (yeah)
They want me to do my part (yeah)
But first I gotta...


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