All Y’all Lyrics - Timbaland & Magoo

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Release Date: 2018-7-18
length: 3:58
Uh, feel me, to all the women across the world, we can't diss why'all
We gotta love ya, that's real, uh

To all my ladies in lingerie, never under age
Who stay gettin' paid, who like to take trips where the sun is shade
To my women who love to ball out
And spend all that money 'til ya all out

I feel like a pimp with a different pimp game, with a different pimp name
With a little pimp fame
I'm loaded with cash, loaded with class, loaded with a lot of things
Even got a gat loaded for that ***

I love my mind, love my soul, love my body
I don't drink or smoke that's why I love my body
You might catch me chillin' with a little short hottie
With a little piercing on her body

Yes, I get it poppin, 'specially overseas
Japenese girls even love my beat
They say, "Timbaland's we love you
We love the dope things that you do"

Even in London they say, "Tim, we love ya"
They even call me things like wicked and the f'n governor
That's why I can't forget why'all
That's why I had to make this roll call, uh

This here's for one and all
It's so good to feel all a y'all, oooh
Make that move and just ball out, oooh
Life's too short for some time out, oooh
This here's for one and all
It's so good to feel all a y'all, oooh
Make that move and just ball out, oooh
Life's too short for some time out, oooh

[Tyler Durden]
Back when shorty cherished the thing, yo, time was frequently saved
For us stoppin and whiskey poppin to the Marvin and Gaye
(Sonny, don't plan tomorrow but live for today)
(Sonny, here's a quarter for that groovy arcade)

From Cool J to Kane dawg, we changin the game
So graphic with things, Pac-Man ain't lookin the same
Haters, get more familiar who you robbin for change
And Fash, a.k.a. Tyler Durden's the name

Guess what people, it's the first of the month
Guess what people, I can do what I want
I can take, all my peoples on first class flights
I can buy all my home girls lightning new bikes

I'm a don when it comes to just servin' girls
I'm a don so that's why nobody's in my world
'Cause Timabaland's that cool cat
Aka Thomas Crown, don't forget that, uh

I'm just tryna' find what I need
But I'd rather be smokin' weed

Live life to the fullest, drive cars, eat hot food
Live in a mansion next to Hanson

I ain't forgot that I'm from yo' hood
I'm just tryna' be who you would

'Cause I hate the game, I hate the glory
I could be with y'all, it would be another story

You don't know all the things I see
More than fame the thing is greed (?)

They took my cash, take my name
Put it up in bright lights, I ain't got a damn right

Think I'm chillin' and livin' large
Girl he's Mag not El Debarge

But I'm a be the man in charge in due time
All my P-town folk gettin' paid, bottom line


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