Shenanigans Lyrics - Timbaland & Magoo feat. Bubba Sparxxx

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Release information
Release Date: 2003-11-18
length: 3:47
performer: Bubba Sparxxx
Hmmmmm (OW) (OH)
Hmmmmm (OW) (OH)
Hmmmmm (OW) (OH)
Hmmmmm, see'mon (OW)

Make them beats like you used to make (oh)
Now keep movin (oh) now keep movin (oh)
Make them beats like you used to make (woo)
(OOHHH), (c'mon)

[Verse 1 - Timbaland]
Timbaland done lost his mind (mind)
I think I'm about to cross the line (line)
And find me somethin that soft to find (find)
And hit it cause she swing right off the vine (oh)

You better hold me back, I told you that
I got enough heat to take your corners back
And I done took your freak, you want her back
(Well you can have that hooker, hooker, hooker) (c'mon)

I'm a dirty south ***** from the VA streets (oh)
And this is how I represent over this here beat (uh huh)
And why'all don't really want to **** with me
I don't care what why'all say, why'all stuck with me (alright now)

Now I got the place panicin (oh)
Timbaland and my dirty shenanigan (oh)
And I might put two in the sky (uh huh)
Like da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da (woo)

You better hold me back (oh)
You better hold me back (oh)
You better hold me back
Cause I'm full of shenanigans

(Oh) You better hold me back (oh)
You better hold me back (oh)
You better hold me back
Cause I'm full of shenanigans

[Verse 2 - Magoo]
Hold me back, cause rap sell more than crack
Stack my funds, my guns, take my quarters back
Don't resist I will put heat on the track
Matter of fact, we can take it off of wax

You and your team was livin the dream, somebody shake 'em
I can't hold on these dreams they won't wake 'em
**** face, the street is a car chase
Ew dead set, do what it take, to win the race

I erase my fear and don't reappear
I'm a go to the bar and take your beer, *****
*****, I must make **** clear
**** around with Oo, I'll bite off your ear

You better do the same, I fight 'til your slain
On right just to bite, I'm tryna sever a vein
And I might put two in the sky
Like (da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da)


[Verse 3 - Bubba Sparxxx]
Sucker live in fear of the day that I'm focused
Slow as he appear, it's clear I own this
Realm of Southern rap that despise to be competitive
North or northfolk, they jokes is our negligence

Sure they bounce to 112, I make a note of what sells
Down here the sign men don't promote it, look at us fail
**** it, I'ma just tell the truth as I perceive it
Most of them think our **** is useless, believe it

But me I got a love affair with all things Southern
The dirty is a territory why'all can't govern
We all ain't brothers, but this ain't the *****es neither
And all our rap songs ain't for bouncers drinkin either

Let me hit the reefer, 'fore I forgot to be the
Little old country white boy, get to spittin ether
Don't let this **** deceive ya, that cracker there crafty
I know you only heard me cause you have to stare at me (*****)


[humming continues]
... full of shenanigans

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