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Release Date: 2018-7-18
length: 3:41
(C'mon girl, I was just playin with you)
Ah - see'mon, ah
You would not believe - see'mon, ah
What's goin down right now - see'mon, ah
Holla!! see'mon ah
You would not believe - see'mon, ah
What's about to go down right now - see'mon, ah
Holla, see'mon..

Guess who's back it's your favorite man
Thomas Crown, a.k.a. (freaky) Timbaland
I keep 'em twelve deep in the full motion van
Mamis betta not speak unless I say they can
Hon - whatchu know about this guy?
I've been hittin girls back since "Cooley High"
Groovy right, whatch'all girls doin tonight?
Bumble bee let's hum right on this flight

[Ms. Jade]
Hum on a flight? ***** you 'fraid of heights
Ms. Jade have you whinin by the end of the night
Try and try and have 'em sick when I board the jet
Dough from bets, **** around and saw off they necks
You heard me black? Squeaky-*** Cadillacs
I owe you one, you **** around and owe me back
Got Franklin on the mind, **** I ain't gon' front
I'm a number one sinner, what-wha-wha-what?

[Chorus: Timbaland]
Life, is, what you make it
I got plenty big faces.. to spend on you-oooh-ooh
Life, is, what you make it
I got plenty big faces.. to spend on you, in time

I'll be yo' penicillin, keepin my jimmy chillin
What more can I say? Top billin
*****z got the feelin I'm wack and I fell off
Said bird is the word is Charmin and Mag's off?
Don't why'all see I ain't new to this game?
Got hoes in each town want to swoon me for fame
But I get 'em for they cash, smokin up all they hash
Treat 'em like garbage, leavin 'em in the trash

[Ms. Jade]
Mag I wreckon you right, but it's my ****in night
X-5, bing truck, high as a kite
Powder be white, Ms. Jade, powerful bite
Pet *****z make they asses ride the back of my bike
Pay for nuts and want for nada, I ain't bluffin
See me in the back of the club, steadily puffin
In time you will buy me this and that
Meanwhile ************ betta holla back

[Mad Skillz]
Uh, see'mon ma, I seen you starin when I hit the door
You ain't gotta front boo, I know that **** ain't yours
I'm like Big out the Maximas and Acuras
Trust me sweets butt-cheeks I be smackin UP!
.. and that ****'s fo'sho'
What I really want to say is, "Getcha coat, let's go"
You seen the whips outside, the fly one's mine
I'm with Tim and Mag, don't lie, take your time

[Ms. Jade]
Lie for what? Never been that type of chick
Rubber band around the wrist, be the type to grip
and flip the script, send your *** home all limp
************ you ain't know? I'm a female pimp
King Kong trips, ridin all the latest whips
With a Corona in the holder I'm the latest *****
Yup - you could call me the greatest wench
Yup - when you **** with the greatest clique

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

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