Oh Messiah Lyrics - Timber Timbre

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Release information
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Doo Wop/Indie Rock/Neofolk
length: 2:44
Oh Messiah!
You've got a look in your eye
And with a map in your mouth,
And with a strap down at your side
We gotta find another way to move
We gotta rise up and stop this fire
We gotta put it out, we gotta put it out

Twist and Shout
We're gonna Twist and Shout [3x]

Oh Messiah! We're gonna stomp our feet
We're gonna clap our hands,
All up and down these evil streets
We're gonna find another spell to yell,
We're gonna keep it in our hand

We're gonna Twist and Shout [2x]

Twist and shout
We're gonna Twist and Shout [3x]

Ah c'mon, baby
Work it on out
C'mon, baby, twist and shout
Ah, and you look so good
Ah, and you look so fine
Come on and twist a little closer now let me know that you're mine
Come on, baby
Come on, baby

We gotta Twist and Shout [5x]

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