There Is a Cure Lyrics - Timber Timbre

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Release information
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Doo Wop/Indie Rock/Neofolk
length: 4:32
Owuwoah uhuwoah uhoah

You're living in the algae bed
Soaking up the sunlight
Fester in the day time hours
Boy, you never sleep at night
And there is a cure for this
And it starts with one deep breath
But the air was never sweet enough
Oh, the air was never sweet

Owuwoah uhuwoah uhoah

I know it's with me in the truck
And it's with me on the sidewalk
And I know it when you turn me down
I know it's with me all year round
And I know this is a weakness
And I know the darkness here
But the air was never sweet enough
Oh, the grass was never green

Owuwoah uhuwoah uhoah

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