Bayou Song Lyrics - Tina Turner

Tina Turner Tina Turns the Country On cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1974
length: 3:27

[Verse 1]
Just another Louisiana morning
Bayou rain falling without warning
Babies crying
Windows dirty
I can't see out them
Sitting and smoking and thinking about it
Lord I'm so tired
I've been out working in the long cold night
I'm too tired to eat, to hungry to fight
Working for the man as hard as I can
Trying to make a living in this bayou land

Good Lord what kind of life is this for my baby
Its bad enough I got to suffer it myself
Take our love
Takes us from this bayou country
Let the bayou bog starve by itself

[Verse 2]
Just another Lousiana afternoon
Drinking homemade liquor 2 ounce smooth
Till you hanging
Don't talk much cause the pain is crazy
Times are hard things are hazy
Lord I'm so tired
To make it in this town you got to work all over
When I get home I start all over
Half dead by the end of the night
But its what I got to do to get my man a good life


Let the bayou bog drink itself to hell

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