Don’t Talk Now Lyrics - Tina Turner

Tina Turner Tina Turns the Country On cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1974
length: 3:04

Where I've been, you don't know. And what I've got, baby, it don't show
Now, I won't try to teach you how, don't talk now
Don't talk roads, don't talk sand. Don't talk dust, don't talk no man
Don't talk rules, don't talk vows, don't talk now
I don't want to hear the same old song
And too many rights still make her wrong, baby
I know she can't hurt me less by talking more
She can't make good what was bad before

No, It's too late now for me to lie and I can't make a second try
I just came on back baby got to say good bye, good bye
Don't talk now, don't talk now. Don't talk now, don't talk now

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