TISM - Mistah Eliot - He Wanker 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 1991-11-25
length: 3:19
T.S. Eliot tuned the radio, couldn't get rid of the static:
Serves him right for being so fucking enigmatic.
T.S. Eliot fixed his motor car, snapped the clutch cable -
Betcha my youngest daughter could drink him under the table.

T.S. Eliot lost his wallet when he went into town;
Serves him right for hanging round with the likes of Ezra Pound.
T.S. Eliot thinks he's famous because he is a genius -
But don't cha know I'm ambivalent about the modernist achievement.

CD 1
  • 1 Mistah Eliot - He Wanker
  • 2 A Faceful of Diverta Menti
  • 3 Kill Yourself Now and Avoid the Rush
  • 4 Take Your Love
  • 5 Root
  • 6 Defecate on My Face (Country version)
  • 7 All Ordinaries Index
  • 8 I'm Into Led Zep
  • 9 The Back Upon Which Jezza Jumped
  • 10 (I Think I've Got) Mick Jagger Worked Out
  • 11 Gas! Gas! an Ecstasy of Fumbling
  • 12 Pus
  • 13 Babies Bite Back
  • 14 Death Death Death