TISM - !UOY Sevol Natas 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 1995
ジャンル: Rock
スタイル: Alternative Rock
length: 3:37
Your mummy, she don't love you
'Cos you remind her of your dad;
Your teachers, they don't love you -
They get paid to call you bad;
The government, it don't love you
'Less its facing re-election;
A pop star, he don't love you
'Less you lick his gnarled erection.

Chorus:!U-O-Y Sevol Natas

The gun lobby, it says it loves you -
But they say that guns don't kill;
The Christians say they love you,
But only 'cause it's the Lord's will;
The s_____s will say they love you
Only if you don't want them to;
The m________s will say they love you
If you promise to hate them too.

There's only one person who loves you -
Break the code and understand:
Just play all those records backwards
Of those heavy metal bands.
Oh, f___ me! f___ me! Lord Jesus,
The temperature's minus fifty -
You've never seen vomit so green,
And your head's done the full 360

CD 1
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  • 2 All Homeboys are Dickheads
  • 3 Garbage
  • 4 Lose Your Delusion II
  • 5 !UOY Sevol Natas
  • 6 What Nationality is Les Murray?
  • 7 Greg! The Stop Sign!!
  • 8 Play Mistral for Me
  • 9 How Do I Love Thee?
  • 10 Jung Talent Time
  • 11 Aussiemandias
  • 12 Give Up for Australia / [silence] / Philip Glass's Arse