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Give me a sign
Have I committed such a crime?
I don´t wanna live
In a world that won´t forgive
Give me a sign
Something real not sublime
The further I run
The harder I become

Give me a sign
Don´t make it so hard to find
Gotta long way to go
Just to know what I´ll know

Give me a sign
Turn this water into wine
Gonna drink till I´m blind
Make love all the time

Give me a sign
A little sun for my shine
Just let me feel
Let the pain start to heal

Give me a sign
I wanna live one more time
Please forgive
All I wanna do is live
Touch me where my tears won´t cry
Help me find a dopeless high

Give me a sign
I wanna laugh one more time
Please forgive
All I wanna do is live

Give me a sign
I´m gonna leave this behind
Stuck in a dream
All I wanna do is scream

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    script: Latin