Who Sang No Guarantees? TNT

TNT Transistor cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1999-8-10
length: 2:32
Weightless cause I´m guiltless
Loveless but I´m free
Careless if I´m brainless
Fearless I can be
Grateful when my plates full
Sinful when I´m bored
Shamefully insightful
Doubtful to core
Think I´ll have a drink
Wash down the demon stink
Sometimes a man´s gotta
Do what he´s got to
No b_____ safety net,
I´ve got a better bet
Have a good time cause
There ain´t no guarantees
Toasted and departed
Wicked and divine
Tempted no decided
Gifted half the time
Stubbed my toe again
Love kicked me out of in some
Kind of cycle is developing here
I´m one big battle scar,
Wrapped in a candy bar
You think I´m sweet
But there ain´t no guarantees
Ain´t no guarantees
Can´t wait for hell to freeze
I´m on a bullet train
Into the unknown
Survival of the fit
I just don't give a s___
Fly off the handle if it
Makes you feel good
Take a rocket ride
Straight out the other side
Into an atmosphere where anything goes
No f___ing safety net, I´ve got a better bet
Have a good time cause there ain´t no
No guarantees, nothin´, is free,
Nowhere to be, nooooooo

CD 1
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  • 2 Wide Awake
  • 3 No Such Thing
  • 4 Crashing Down
  • 5 Fantasia Española
  • 6 Because I Love You
  • 7 The Hole You're Inn
  • 8 Mousetrap
  • 9 Into Pieces
  • 10 Under My Pillow
  • 11 No Guarantees