Who Sang Purple Mountain's Majesty? TNT

TNT Realized Fantasies cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1992-5-25
length: 6:14
Purple mountain's majesty
Yellow sky and blackened sea
Will god shed his grace for you and me
Colours clashing one by one
A bigot's work is never done
So this is the land of the free

An eye for an eye, we'll all be blind
If you got a gun, you're doing fine

Let the people sing, bells of freedom ring
Let the people shout, 'til there can be no doubt
Let the people sing, bells of freedom ring
Hear the voices roar, we won't take this anymore

Purple mountain's majesty
Hungry eyes on broken streets
And ice cracks the sidewalk cabaret

Moral psychos run the show
Tunnel vision starts to grow
And blood spills like water on the stage

Gotta do what we can to right this wrong
For tomorrow's child we must be strong

CD 1
  • 1 Downhill Racer
  • 2 Hard to Say Goodbye
  • 3 Mother Warned Me
  • 4 Lionheart
  • 5 Rain
  • 6 Purple Mountain's Majesty
  • 7 Rock 'n' Roll Away
  • 8 Easy Street
  • 9 All You Need
  • 10 Indian Summer