Who Sang Substitute? TNT

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length: 2:41
There's something deep in your..
That's playing games with your..
But everytime I talk
You roll your eyes.
Well you been playing with..
So is it burning your..
The flames are licking your..
Your sweet surprise..
Another man..
Another guy
Another line..
Was it something I said ?
You know you smell like a..
A girl that's been on a..
Out on the town for a..
An all night party.
Well you're as guilty as..
Someone who's just done a..
A crime, you dont give a..
d___, dont you want me ?
Well, I aint some kinda..
That's gonna stand for ya..
It's like a kick in the..
Back, on the highway.
Why dont you get on and..
On with your life, you can..
Get the hell outta..
That's what I say !!