Who Sang Trust Game? Toadies

Toadies Feeler cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2010-8-10
Genre: Rock
Style: Alternative Rock
length: 2:58

The spider lands
The other shoe
Is fallin'

Summer comes
Crushin' crashin'
Another summer
Still waitin'

Do you wanna play
A trust game?

Press rewind
Select a tile
It's fadin'

Dress yourself
In the future
See good times
I'm waitin'

Do you wanna play
A trust game?

I want the fire
And I want the love
We try to make
But it wasn't enough
When did it ever
Become jaded?
You got lost
And I got wasted

I got wasted [2x]

Bein' jaded
Is overrated
The other shoe
Is fallen...

CD 1
  • 1 Trust Game
  • 2 Waterfall
  • 3 Dead Boy
  • 4 City of Hate
  • 5 Mine
  • 6 Suck Magic
  • 7 ATF Theme
  • 8 Joey Let’s Go
  • 9 Pink