Circus Maximus Lyrics - Today Is the Day

Today Is the Day Axis of Eden cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2007-9-18
Genre: Rock
Style: Grindcore/Noise/Hardcore
length: 3:58
membranophone: Derek Roddy and Steve Austin
lead vocals: Steve Austin
mixer: Steve Austin
recording engineer: Steve Austin
electric bass guitar: Chris Debari
man you're weird sweep the floor feels so weird the face of a w____ hit right back no time for
disgrace no black jack you need a real face circus maximus holographic weapon sight pointed on you
dynamite and theramite use a short fuse 20 metric tons of hydrogen gas we can overcome if we kick a__
no way out this time fever no way out this time I'm laying that's OK I'll do it myself I don't need
you to do it for me that's OK you're hurting yourself do not think you will ever be free you tried
real hard you gave it your best you don't give up you were put to the test it sucks so bad to leave it
this way we gave what we had you need a new day lost in the s___ can't find a way out lost innocence
all hopes filled with doubt try violins I don't hear it that way I'm all out of friends I've got
nothing to say I'm not givin' in I'll find a new way I start and begin today's a new day don't try to
fit in I just need a new home like a dog off a leash I need to find a new bone it's hate that keeps me
ahead of the game I hate what I see when I see the front page I gave what you need it's time to leave
me all alone the lies that I read and the hate that is shown you that I mean and that I don't give a
s___ it's you that is mean and don't gives a s___ each time that I read this s___ it makes me money
and smiles

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