Who Sang Let It Out? Tom Rosenthal

Tom Rosenthal Fenn cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2017-5-26
length: 2:59

Have you got a secret? Let it out
Have you got the words to say someone to think about?
Have you got a lion? Let it out
Have you got the room to breathe, the space to work it out?

Gosh what a beauty
I've just never known it before
Gone in an instant
What were you waiting for?

Have you got a moment? Live it out
Have you got the legs to run, the eyes to seek it out?
Have you got a letter? Send it out
Have you got a truth to speak, the heart to write it down?

Open your windows
Let the wind meet your face
Throw it to the skies love
It will find a place

Have you got a lover? Let them out
Have you got some time to waste, something to laugh about?
Have you got a weakness? Let it out
Have you got the teeth to chew, the arms to hug it out?

A word to the wise
The young boy cries
But he's singing in the morning
A walk in the wild
Something of the child
And your heart is warming

Have you got an idea? Let it out
Have you got the hope to start the world to spin around?

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