Toni Childs - Three Days Lyrics

release date: 1991-6-25
genres: Rock Pop
styles: Pop Rock/Vocal
length: 4:15
producer: Gavin MacKillop, David Ricketts and Toni Childs
vocal: Toni Childs
mixer: Mark McKenna
additional keyboard: John Philip Shenale
keyboard: David Ricketts
mastering: Stephen Marcussen
keyboard programming: John Philip Shenale
I walk away
It seems it's like a bad day
On the hill
I stand and stare away
Hoping for a brighter day

And I stand staring there
And I stand staring there today

I feel the rain
Fall upon my face and wash away
The things I feel inside
Turmoil is what moves the tides

And I stand staring there
And I stand staring there
And I begin another day

You say you hurt
And the cut has been too deep
The blood
That flows inside your soul has died
Cancer is the hurt inside

And I can't walk away
And I can't show the pain
And I can't let it go
And I can't let it go away

It's another day
The morning comes so bright
I feel lifted
Now the clouds have passed
I feel freedom here at last

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 I've Got to Go Now
  • 2 Next to You
  • 3 House of Hope
  • 4 Daddy's Song
  • 5 Heaven's Gate
  • 6 The Dead Are Dancing
  • 7 I Want to Walk With You
  • 8 Where's the Light
  • 9 Put This Fire Out
  • 10 Three Days