Who Sang Punk Bitch? Too $hort

Too $hort Short Dog’s in the House cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1990-8-21
length: 6:03
producer: Al Eaton and Too $hort
Write a little save-a-hoe speech all these fake-*** hoes
Fake punk-*** *****es
Do you know what i mean?
****in'em up like this, man...
$hort Dog's in the house, *****!

She's a punk-*** *****, hoe, tramp and a slut
Took her to the hotel just to ****
Last night she licked all on my balls
***** got wet like Niagara-falls
Dropped my drawls and ***** said: "****!"
Skinny ************ with a fat-*** ****
It's like a T-P-treatment, thangs so foul
From the tip of my head to the crack of my ***
She got busy so I called to the crew
You *****es know what to do
Hoes try to front like they ain't no tramps
Try to get that ***** and she say you can't
Me and my partners we got that game
Check a square-*** ***** and make her throw that thang
You wine and dine that nasty freak
Dropped her off and got a kiss on cheek
You never even know how she ran in the home
Jumped on the phone and started to burnin' me out
She kept beepin' so I made the call
***** on the phone jackin' off
Sounded like she was havin' fun
Playin' with her pearl thang
I said: "*****, I'm on my way!"
I givit to you, homeboy, play by play
She had on polkadots with miniskirt
Jumped in the car straight went to work
I must to bust two nuts back to bay
Never seen a ***** work head like that
She had me jumpin' out of my seat
Workin' her jaws to the beat
She was a good **** sucker, I can't lie
Sucked so good I thought I'd die
***** blew me up and blew me down
All the way back to the Oakland-town
Baby started to singin', "I love you!"
Tellin' me things she wanted to do
If I needed some money come to her
Everythin' I want is everythin' I'm worth
And you know what I said? I told the *****
I said: "*****, I'm rich!"

**** these hoes, man,
I ain't trippin', I'm like hell
Long-hair suckers

I know you're fine, *****
But you got no cash you need to get a job
But your lazy-*** try to juice me up
I ain't no punk
I put you in the rap with some serious funk
I wouldn't buy you a car, no diamonds and ****
All the time talkin' about your fake-*** gifts
George bought you a ring, John bought you a chain
*****, I'm buyin' you an ounce of this game
You better take it and shut the **** up
Stop runnin' your mouth like a sucka
Cause you's a punk *****
Everythin' you say and everythin' you do
Makes you a punk *****, no good, no doubt
All I gotta do is stick a **** in your mouth
want to give up the *****, *****, I had it
You're too slim, I like your mama's ***
Pops came home, came up to show
Family in the backroom, I'm ****in'em both
Now I'm the stepdaddy and the son in law
You call me Too $hort they call me too raw
I creep by one room in to the next
Nothin' goin' on but some serious sex
Some of these hoes might think I'm played
Bald-head ***** need some new brains
Cause that nappy-hair don't even hit
What's cookin' in the kitchen
On the back of your neck
Like you burned the rise and want to front on me
You could never **** with $hort, baby
I'm from the O-A-K-L-A-N-D
I slap you in the face with reality
These punk-*** hoes out there is sick
Happy walkin' around with a trippy ****
So beautiful fine young thang
To get that cog was just like a dream
But now three days later ask cool Moe
You feel burnin' sensation down below
You're a true blue victim of a punk-*** *****
Thought she was a square and she gave you the ****
So for all you hoes that live like that
All the homies in the house say: "punk-*** *****!"

CD 1
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  • 2 It’s Your Life
  • 3 The Ghetto
  • 4 Short but Funky
  • 5 In the Oaktown
  • 6 Dead or Alive
  • 7 Punk Bitch
  • 8 Ain’t Nothin’ but a Word to Me
  • 9 Hard on the Boulevard
  • 10 Pimpology
  • 11 Paula & Janet
  • 12 Rap Like Me
  • 13 The Ghetto (reprise)