Who Sang Blown Away? Tracenine

Release information
Release Date: 2007-7-3
length: 3:34
Steal the sunlight from my eyes
And crate me like a dog inside
Til i'm broken
Snuff the flame that feeds desire
And set the dreams i have on fire
Til they're smoking

Blown away by all of this

Treat me like a b****** son
And tell me i'm the worthless one
I won't be broken [x2]
Try to break my will to live
And then you beg me to forgive
You must be joking
I won't be broken
For 13 years you tortured me
A judge decides 9 months worthy
And i'm choking [x2]

Blown away by all of this

"People can't you see
that the ones we're rehabilitating walk away free
while i suffer insideĀ„being born in the wrong place
at the wrong time is the only thing that i ever did wrong" [x2]

CD 1
  • 1 Betrayed
  • 2 Spare Your Soul
  • 3 Ready to Roll
  • 4 Open Up Your Eyes
  • 5 Blown Away
  • 6 St. Luciferlike
  • 7 Dead Inside
  • 8 Burning Bed
  • 9 Before I Awake
  • 10 Let Me Go
  • 11 Free Fall
  • 12 Eye for an Eye
  • 13 Unleash My Soul