Who Sang St. Luciferlike? Tracenine

Release information
Release Date: 2007-7-3
length: 3:41
Guilty one you have become
A man of god working for the devil
Evidence from the abused
Is silenced as the perpetrators revel
The truth denied
What you've done
Is unforgiveable
You've become

You fell under the devils spell
(and my punishment is hell)
Are you ever gonna tell the truth?
And i pray you never will be saved
(keep on digging my own grave)
You've become the devils slave!
Devil inside you claim you're innocent
You say the devil made you do it
Sickening evil is spread
Like a virus and it seems like all that's good is dead


As you fall from grace
Haunted by a past you can't erase
That fall from grace
Puts a smile on the devils face

CD 1
  • 1 Betrayed
  • 2 Spare Your Soul
  • 3 Ready to Roll
  • 4 Open Up Your Eyes
  • 5 Blown Away
  • 6 St. Luciferlike
  • 7 Dead Inside
  • 8 Burning Bed
  • 9 Before I Awake
  • 10 Let Me Go
  • 11 Free Fall
  • 12 Eye for an Eye
  • 13 Unleash My Soul