Who Sang Crucifier? Tragedy

Tragedy Nerve Damage cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2006
Genre: Rock
Style: Hardcore/Punk/Crust
length: 3:21
trung up by the hungry hordes, left to decompose

At the feet of sheep, modern day witch hunt

Barbaric acts, scapegoats for the righteous cause

Scapegoats for the righteous cause

Crucifier, crucifier, crucifier, crucifier

Seek out targets of practice, each time feeling

More proud, bringing home the kill for devouring

Displaying heads as trophies, displaying heads as trophies

Crucifier, crucifier, crucifier, crucifier

Carry out the valiant fight with the morals of a

Perverted priest, hypocrisy is redundant

Might obtained from the blood of others

Demanding adherence to their own laws while

Breaking them in secret, on the surface is sterility

The filth is kept in hiding

Crucifier, crucifier, crucifier, crucifier

At the stake, under fire, you're a crucifier, crucifier

CD 1
  • 1 Eyes of Madness
  • 2 Force of Law
  • 3 Rabid Panic
  • 4 Deaf and Disbelieving
  • 5 The Hunger
  • 6 Total Vision
  • 7 In Formation
  • 8 Incendiary
  • 9 Crucifier
  • 10 Under the Radar
  • 11 Plan of Execution