Who Sang Tension Awaiting Imminent Collapse? Tragedy

Tragedy Tragedy cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2000
Genre: Rock
Style: Hardcore/Punk
length: 3:54
I am the face of the despondent neighbor
I am the face of the disparate masses
I bear the weight of my dormant anger
I am the bomb that must explode

I am the grasp of a malignant system
I am the craft of profit addiction
I am attached to all of us
I am the mask of what we have done

This banal existence has wound its way into tragic despair
This agony of living imprisonment has found a way in tragic despair

I am the bomb that must explode

CD 1
  • 1 [untitled]
  • 2 The Point of No Return
  • 3 Not Fucking Fodder
  • 4 Never Knowing Peace
  • 5 Confessions of a Suicide Advocate
  • 6 [untitled]
  • 8 The Intolerable Weight
  • 9 You Are an Experiment
  • 10 Products of a Cold War Depression
  • 11 With Empty Hands Extended
  • 12 [untitled]
  • 13 Tension Awaiting Imminent Collapse
  • 14 Chemical Imbalance