Who Sang The Garden of Disease? Tragic Black

Release information
Release Date: 2007-12
length: 5:13

So the serpentines
Slither slippery in-between
Their pink tongues lick the way
As the aging prophets sway
Going deep into the hole
Always losing our control
Said a snake, spoke to Eve
In the garden of disease

It's said a snake, spoke to Eve
In the garden of disease
The tree of life became forgot
And its fruit began to rot
What did the snake say to Eve
In the garden of disease?
She took the key to unlock
The curses of Pandora's box

Snakes slither through your eyes
Hollow skulls are sanctified
Arrange the bones to form a cross
Long cast curses now forgot

In the garden of disease


Cathedral paintings come alive
When no one else is inside
Statues speak, ceilings scream
At slithering serpentines
Dead bodies holding rosaries
Daggers in hearts, hands and feet (2x)

CD 1
  • 1 Bodies on the Avenue
  • 2 Blood n' Bones
  • 3 The Cold Caress
  • 4 Les Photos Restent
  • 5 June's Dying
  • 6 The Garden of Disease
  • 7 Reptile
  • 8 Sink In
  • 9 Red Lights Dance
  • 10 Missing Miles
  • 11 Seashell Radio
  • 12 Schneid Das Blau
  • 13 Aparicion