Who Sang Disappoint? Traitors

Traitors The Hate Campaign cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-2-24
length: 4:21
Who's next in line?
Caught in another rut
Where I am so ashamed
I'd like to come clean but
My brain is so putrid and stained
I guess I just disappoint
I'm just a nervous wreck
Too stubborn, hard headed someone put me in check
Who is next in line?
To show me everything's all but fine
Because everyone's f****** problems, I've realized are also mine
We've all got someone to disappoint
I try to explain but they miss the point
My heads moving too fast to explain myself
So they just see an arrogant man who's self loathing as well
Send help. Send help
I am the arrogant man
And everything's all but fine
I guess I just disappoint
I'm next in line
I guess we all just disappoint
You're next in line
And everything's all but fine

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