Who Sang Calling All Vanished Airplanes? Trance to the Sun

Trance to the Sun Urchin Tear Soda cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1999-4-2
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Leftfield/Art Rock/Goth Rock/Prog Rock
length: 7:24
writer: Ingrid Blue, Ashkelon Sain
I always talk to myself

They were lost under
a holocaust sky
Floating mute and eyeless
in air thick with disappointment
And there were cobwebs and shreds of dreams
caught in her hair
There are summers and shreds of dreams
caught in her hair

The hand that holds a cigarette
and trembles and points at him
Round and round and round she says
were all alone she says

He only looks down at his feet and
knows they are flying
He grins and gives her whitened bones

They stand and
she shakes the dead leaves
from her like water
And they walk away from everything
Know that they're nowhere nowhere
They can never go home

CD 1
  • 1 Calling All Vanished Airplanes
  • 2 Modus Opera
  • 3 Black Sea, Black Fish
  • 4 Swing Lower
  • 5 Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
  • 6 Heart Transplant
  • 7 Czar Chasm
  • 8 I've Got One Friend
  • 9 Under the Toxin Moon
  • 10 Spider Planet
  • 11 Vortex Airplane Itinerary