Who Sang Homewrecker? Trance to the Sun

Trance to the Sun Atrocious Virgin cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2001
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Art Rock/Goth Rock
length: 7:10
guitar: Mark Linder
writer: Ingrid Blue, Ashkelon Sain

Oh my love
Kill me here
Before I wake
Know your true
Who could know
Aborted bride
Lost my friend
Bought a cat
Drank too much
Spilled my soul
You'll not be anything but happy happy happy…
Face the dawn
With half closed eyes
Bloodshot eyes don't close like yours do
Buy a drink
We've both been there
Bloodshot eyes don't close no more
Bloodshot eyes don't close like yours do

CD 1
  • 1 Sleeping With the Natives
  • 2 Thistle Lurid
  • 3 Icicle Song
  • 4 Map of the Lost
  • 5 Reach for the Throat
  • 6 Horse Head Lake
  • 7 Terrible Parties
  • 8 Virgins With Scissors
  • 9 Homewrecker
  • 10 Song of the Silent Crew