Who Sang Miller Song? Transit

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Release Date: 2008
I wanted to be free
Like so many before me
I wanted to leave
But she left before me
Something to touch me deep inside
Above from the basement like a thorn in the side

What a ride, what a ride
Need the weeping clouds by the light of the moon
What a ride, what a ride
Superstition proof

I didn't know it had to be done
Blinded by sweat upon eyes
On the run
And I didn't know she had to go
I didn't know that I needed to know
Stuff you only figure out on you own

I wanted to hand her all the love I'd gathered
But it all was gone and I'd lost my pair
Then she figured out I needed again
And it's hard to keep warm in the pouding rain
It's insane, so insane
You don't realise that it's all in vain
But you try, and you try
'till the day she's telling no more lies

And then you wake up from your sleep
Healing the scars that had cut you
Oh, so deep
And you know it's time to leave
And it's time to believe in the song...
The song you choose to call your own
Now I'm back on the road
Like I was when she found me
Revealing the words and the chords in my song
And even though it's finally playing
This tune will be narrow and so d*** long

What a song, what a song
It's a mistery how it all went wrong
What song, what a song
And you just gotta sing along

I didn't know it has to be done
You can't close your eyes to the beating
on the drum
And you know you've got to go
When you've lost everything you used to know
And you got to find it back on your own

CD 1
  • 1 Estrangeiro / New Man
  • 2 Bleed on Me
  • 3 You and Me and Then Some
  • 4 The Girl and the Road
  • 5 Miller Song
  • 6 Jokes Aside
  • 7 Damned If You Don't
  • 8 One for the Sea: Ad Anima, Part 1
  • 9 Ad Anima, Part 2
  • 10 Ad Anima, Part 3