Who Sang Edentea? Transit Poetry

Release information
Release Date: 2004
Edentea, visions and dreams
Dark reflections flood the head
Bitter tea, your taste redeems
The mourner's thoughts in bed
Intoxication, early summer the last season
Golden honey, it flows through my mind
I drink to fall away from reason
And escape a world of loss and grind
Floating away like gods of the sun
Into the bizarre landscapes of thought
Art's great revelation has begun
A trip which leads the mind abroad

Edentea, wonders and walls
Doors of perception open wide
Bitter tea, I follow your calls
Up to your realm on the other side
Fascination, clouds drowned in green
Facing skies of the apocalyptic sort
More beautiful than anything I've seen
o*****ic ecstasy it leads to God

CD 1
  • 1 Edentea
  • 2 We, the Dreamers
  • 3 Black Water Asylum
  • 4 Ocean's Lullaby
  • 5 Under the Waterfall
  • 6 Narcotic Summer
  • 7 Mourner's Dance
  • 8 Astral-Ride
  • 9 Liquidation
  • 10 Transition
  • 11 Heart of Seraphim
  • 12 Anima Mundi
  • 13 Edentea (club-mix)