Who Sang Heart of Seraphim? Transit Poetry

Release information
Release Date: 2004
Stillborn in the sea of life
Where ideas turn to souls
In the heart of existence
Love and spirit do control
What do we need for serenity
In oblivion's ceaseless stream?
When all seems insignificant?
- A crystal heart of seraphim
Swimming in the flood of dreams
Where impressions turn to gold
In the bright current of thoughts
Our destiny's foretold

Countless cells all turn to one
In mother nature's splendid realm
Arisen just from fertile clay
Soon greedy toil will overwhelm...

CD 1
  • 1 Edentea
  • 2 We, the Dreamers
  • 3 Black Water Asylum
  • 4 Ocean's Lullaby
  • 5 Under the Waterfall
  • 6 Narcotic Summer
  • 7 Mourner's Dance
  • 8 Astral-Ride
  • 9 Liquidation
  • 10 Transition
  • 11 Heart of Seraphim
  • 12 Anima Mundi
  • 13 Edentea (club-mix)