Who Sang Lethe? Transit Poetry

Release information
Release Date: 2006
I am the b***** river down below
That carries all the ashes of lost lives
Fed with joy and harm my floods do grow
A fifth season out of it will contrive
Breathe in the scent of Hades' land
And drift away in Lethe's waves
Taken home by divine hands
Where unique souls are dreaming brave
In which slight repose swim all these faces
That travel homewards free and cursed
And follow my ardour to distant places
Nascent am I in thy fearful thirst

One step more and your identity gets lost
With gentle waves the fragile body will be swept away
One step for a fusion at your souls cost
In gentle streams tomorrow it will be the former day

  • 1 Retaliation of Prometheus
  • 2 The Sunvoyager
  • 3 Warpaint of the Butterfly
  • 4 Venus Embodiment
  • 5 Solstice
  • 6 Reverie Circles
  • 7 Love in Aeon's Joy
  • 8 Shamanic Invocation
  • 9 Locust Pilgrimage
  • 10 The Dionysian Dancers
  • 11 Lethe
  • 12 Paradise Apocalypse
  • 13 Firefly Garden
  • 14 La grande mer silencieuse
  • 15 Blueprint
  • 16 Liquidation (Embers-version)
  • 17 Pathway to Eden