Who Sang Paradise Apocalypse? Transit Poetry

Release information
Release Date: 2006
I am the origin and end
The stream that throws perdition
Above the shelves of sacred lands
On a dark and scathing mission
I poured thick blood onto their roofs
To slay the shells of man
Watched joyfully the panic moves
In dread away they ran
Say will you hold my hand
When paradise is near?
Say, do you understand
My apocalyptic fear?
I am the throat below the crust
Unbridled fires rage in me
Catharsis brings deserts of dust
When all my cleansing flames break free
It opens up, the hungry earth
Thus new infernos are released
To make them see what life is worth
For vindication they are seized

Behold the throes of the apocalypse
Here comes a fiery river at life's eve
It swallows fighting flesh and ships
The lava sea will save the earth from grief

  • 1 Retaliation of Prometheus
  • 2 The Sunvoyager
  • 3 Warpaint of the Butterfly
  • 4 Venus Embodiment
  • 5 Solstice
  • 6 Reverie Circles
  • 7 Love in Aeon's Joy
  • 8 Shamanic Invocation
  • 9 Locust Pilgrimage
  • 10 The Dionysian Dancers
  • 11 Lethe
  • 12 Paradise Apocalypse
  • 13 Firefly Garden
  • 14 La grande mer silencieuse
  • 15 Blueprint
  • 16 Liquidation (Embers-version)
  • 17 Pathway to Eden