Who Sang Transition? Transit Poetry

Release information
Release Date: 2004
Wrapped (up) in a garment of decay
Morning whispers gently in my ear
I hear the birds sing in the distance
Tunes of transitoriness and fear
I step outside to face my own cruel self
Whilst the world revels in self-deceit
Also crystal mirrors can't reflect
what lies beyond the black heart's beat
Nothing will be the same again
This is the day of recognition
Caught in a one-way alteration
The only aim's transition

Look at the dark-winged bird who flies above
The nightly paradise of summer
Through the maze I try to follow the dove
Into the eternal realm of slumber

CD 1
  • 1 Edentea
  • 2 We, the Dreamers
  • 3 Black Water Asylum
  • 4 Ocean's Lullaby
  • 5 Under the Waterfall
  • 6 Narcotic Summer
  • 7 Mourner's Dance
  • 8 Astral-Ride
  • 9 Liquidation
  • 10 Transition
  • 11 Heart of Seraphim
  • 12 Anima Mundi
  • 13 Edentea (club-mix)