Who Sang Venus Embodiment? Transit Poetry

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Release Date: 2006
Dying inflamed in a ocean of lilies
Where it sleeps veiled in silk, thy rosy skin
Tender eyes profound like ancient seas
Tender eyes reveal the loveliness within
In your soft scent I would like to drown
In your flowery scent forevermore
Your fiery smile shall be my crown
Your fiery smile I do adore

Passionate serenity, naked and pure
Hands touching hands in sweet delight
In your embrace I feel secure
And all I am is yours, angelic bride
When all else seems to fall apart
Please caress me with your warm breath
You're all I ever wanted from the start
You're all I ever want till the hour of death

With every word I speak your name
Like restless waves tell of the wind
For you I'll take all earthly blame
For you I'll lay down skinned
In dark devotion I will burn for you my dear
In dark devotion for you I will sear
Please bury me, I've lost control
Please bury me inside your soul
These words and all I'm going through
It's all for you, it's all for you, it's all for you...

  • 1 Retaliation of Prometheus
  • 2 The Sunvoyager
  • 3 Warpaint of the Butterfly
  • 4 Venus Embodiment
  • 5 Solstice
  • 6 Reverie Circles
  • 7 Love in Aeon's Joy
  • 8 Shamanic Invocation
  • 9 Locust Pilgrimage
  • 10 The Dionysian Dancers
  • 11 Lethe
  • 12 Paradise Apocalypse
  • 13 Firefly Garden
  • 14 La grande mer silencieuse
  • 15 Blueprint
  • 16 Liquidation (Embers-version)
  • 17 Pathway to Eden