Who Sang Warpaint of the Butterfly? Transit Poetry

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Release Date: 2006
Beseechingly it screams, the storm
Scowling at the world with dreary eyes
Tremendous winds, a liquid form
They feed the flames with loathsome cries
Rubicund thorns and oceanic blue
When furious yellow bites the green
Violet tongues devour the night's dark hue
Black turns to white in scary scenes...

One wing beat just may cause a war
And paint all colours in promiscuous tones
One wing beat just may cause a war
And all certainty away it's blown
Forward it moves, the fiery sea
It tears the world's garment to shreds
Infernos raising rabidly
Like an angry flash of flames they spread

But suddenly a cheerful silence
Reveals beyond the storm a lucid sky
It covers ashes and vast violence
With b***** hands I caught the b***erfly

  • 1 Retaliation of Prometheus
  • 2 The Sunvoyager
  • 3 Warpaint of the Butterfly
  • 4 Venus Embodiment
  • 5 Solstice
  • 6 Reverie Circles
  • 7 Love in Aeon's Joy
  • 8 Shamanic Invocation
  • 9 Locust Pilgrimage
  • 10 The Dionysian Dancers
  • 11 Lethe
  • 12 Paradise Apocalypse
  • 13 Firefly Garden
  • 14 La grande mer silencieuse
  • 15 Blueprint
  • 16 Liquidation (Embers-version)
  • 17 Pathway to Eden