Who Sang Victimized? Trapped Under Ice

Trapped Under Ice Big Kiss Goodnight cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2011-10-11
length: 2:47
The American dream is a lie / That's why I say I was born to die / I can't be forced into your perfect world / I can't coincide / Quit pointing fingers / Uncle Sam wants you pulling triggers at your fellow man for an unknown cause / But I don't think I can / You've been fed lies / We've been robbed blind / Put the past behind, it's time to unite / It's we who've been victimized / Can't beat their system / Some have tried now they rot in their prisons / You can't stop the cops / Some have tried and got shot / Now our brothers are dead and hate is all we've got / Quit blaming races / It's so easy to see that our enemy is faceless / And they f****** hate us all / I hate them too, but what can I do / Victims of society and American dreams / Victims of a system breaking at its seams / Do you know what this means? / We can't stop them if we try / So find solace in your brother / He too has been victimized / You want to see the evidence? Look to the street / You want to see a solution? Unity / Beat them at their own game / Redirect the hate.

CD 1
  • 1 Born To Die
  • 2 Pleased To Meet You
  • 3 Jail
  • 4 Outcast
  • 5 Victimized
  • 6 Time Waits
  • 7 Dead Inside
  • 8 True Love
  • 9 Disconnect
  • 10 Draw The Line
  • 11 You And I
  • 12 Still Cold
  • 13 Reality Unfolds