Who Sang Alright? Travoltas

Release information
Release Date: 2000
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Surf/Punk
The sun is out there
And I'm feeling alright
But it's not fair
That I have to leave tonight

I wish I could stay a little longer
'Cause I don't want to be alone
Now I know where I belong yeah
I don't want to go home

Maybe I'm crazy
But you make me stay for good
And I don't mean maybe
'Cause this time I feel it's true

Still I have to say I'm sorry
Something tells me that I gotta go
Wish there was a way to stop me
'Cause I don't want to go home

But I know when I'm feeling down
I call for you to come around
Yeah no matter what I do
A right or wrong

And I guess it's gonna take some time
But in the end it's gonna be alright
'Cause in this small world
I'm not that hard to find

It's gonna be alright

CD 1
  • 1 Pray for Sun
  • 2 You Got What I Need
  • 3 Do the Gal-I-Gator
  • 4 One-Der One-Der
  • 5 Pacific Coast Highway
  • 6 The Return of Randy
  • 7 Get Outta My Car (And Into My Dreams)
  • 8 Cherry From the Valley
  • 9 Alright
  • 10 Under the Stars