Who Sang Splinter? Trial

Release information
Release Date: 1996
Genre: Rock
Style: Hardcore
You do not own my body
You'll never own my soul
I am not just another commodity
To fall under your control
I'll break free from the power of suggestion
I won't listen to what you say
You manipulate thought to dominate life
I watch it happen, it happens every day
I won't do what you tell me to do
I'm going to break
I won't say waht you tell me to say
I'm breaking free
I won't think what you tell me to think
I'm going to break
I won't live how you want me to live
I'm breaking free
I can't believe most of what I see
I can't believe most of what I hear
I can't believe most of what I read
And you ask what is to fear?
Look beyond the surface...
Thats is when I find
That they might take my strength for granted
But they will never, never take my mind

We are bombarded relentlessly by images and slogans representing lifeless,
empty concepts...corporations are nothing more. Industry is tied into the government
which in turn, is tied into the media. Is it any wonder that we find ourselves
manipulated at every turn by new catch phrases and other psychological hooks
designed to spend our money for us, think our thoughts for us, live our lives for us?
There is no escape. The contradictions are endless. Lost somewhere between "Just
Do It" and "Just Say No", a generation is crying out for mercy.

CD 1
  • 1 Through the Darkest Days
  • 2 Cycle of Cruelty
  • 3 Scars
  • 4 For the Kids
  • 5 Turn Away
  • 6 Falling From Grace
  • 7 Quest
  • 8 500 Years
  • 9 Splinter
  • 10 [unknown]